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The Audio Engineering Society Standards Committee Holds Successful AES67-2013 Standard “PlugFest” Event

December 3rd, 2014 | Posted in News, newsletter

The Audio Engineering Society – the world’s preeminent source of education, standards and technology in the field of audio – recently held a successful interoperability testing event, in cooperation of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), of its AES67-2013 standard at the Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT) in Munich, Germany. Held October 27 – 30, this PlugFest demonstrated the functional compatibility of a number of different implementations of the AES67 standard for high-performance streaming audio over IP networks across a varied range of platforms and products. This standard specifically provides comprehensive interoperability recommendations in the areas of synchronization, media clock identification, network transport, encoding and streaming, session description and connection management.

The AES67 PlugFest event, put on by the AES Standards Committee (AESSC), offered an exclusive chance for manufacturers to test and experiment with the AES67 networking standard protocols in a controlled environment, overseen by AESSC members. Over the three- day event, 16 different networked-audio products with AES67-specific extensions were tested, with participating brands including ALC NetworX GmbH, Archwave AG, Axia Audio, Digigram SA, DirectOut GmbH, Georg Neumann GmbH, Lawo AG, Merging Technologies S.A., SOUND4 and Telos Systems Inc. The PlugFest provided a commercially-neutral context for engineers from these manufacturers to connect their equipment to that of other developers and to confirm, through testing, that signals are transmitted and received correctly according to the standard, in the practical interests of all participants. More »

Hosa Technology Announces Pro Breakout Cables

December 3rd, 2014 | Posted in News, newsletter

Hosa Technology, the leading innovator of analog and digital connectivity solutions for the modern musician, is pleased to introduce the latest line expansion to the Hosa Pro line of cables. The new Hosa Pro Breakouts make the process of interfacing consumer audio products with professional equipment easier than ever. With Hosa Pro Breakouts, any consumer audio product equipped with a stereo minijack output can seamlessly be interfaced with professional units sporting quarter-inch Tip/Sleeve, XLR, or even RCA connectors.

Hosa Pro Breakouts are available in three configurations. The 3.5 mm TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) to dual RCA option—identified as the HMR-000Y Series—is ideal for DJ mixers or home stereo systems. The 3.5 mm TRS to dual 1/4-inch TS (tip/sleeve) breakout—identified as the HMP-000Y Series—can be plugged into patch bays or a mixer’s phone inputs. The third category, the 3.5 mm TRS to dual XLR3M breakout—known as the HMX-000Y Series—is ideal for connecting into discrete channels on a professional mixer or similar interface. More »

DiGiCo Releases SD App

December 3rd, 2014 | Posted in News, newsletter

The DiGiCo SD App is compatible with all consoles in the SD Range and allows users to take advantage of both Apple and DiGiCo’s touch screen technology.

The advent of the DiGiCo SD App means that your iPad becomes a remote control surface and also an expansion of the control surface. This application takes the existing feature set and presents it in a new way to take advantage of the extra screen. This allows engineers to implement very specific functions dedicated for FOH or Monitors. More »

Audionamix Releases ADX TRAX Pro

December 3rd, 2014 | Posted in News, newsletter

Audionamix, the global leader in audio source separation, has just released the highly anticipated Pro edition of their award winning software, ADX TRAX. ADX TRAX Pro bridges the gap between basic separations and professional-grade isolations with its robust collection of ADX algorithms and spectral editing tools. Its new features give audio engineers, DJs, producers and creative artists the ability to visualize and edit frequency specific content across the full audio spectrum.  ADX TRAX Pro goes beyond the automatic separation by giving users the ability to directly edit their results by time and frequency, adjust gain, attenuate or remove sounds, extract, raise or lower the level of a vocal or solo instrument in a mono or stereo mix and correct audio anomalies using effective restoration tools – all without requiring access to the multi-track sessions.

“Un-mixing audio is what Audionamix is known for and ADX TRAX clearly demonstrates that. However, TRAX only scratches the surface of our technology’s potential,” said Audionamix Product VP, Rick Silva. “Since the inaugural release of TRAX in February 2014, we have been hard at work to evolve our technology well beyond the ultimate first step in audio source separation. With valuable insights from our clients as well as current TRAX user feedback, we have been able to implement some amazing new features. TRAX Pro includes our one-of-a-kind separation technology, as well as the most powerful spectral editing tools required to achieve pro level isolations. What sets TRAX Pro apart from other spectral editors is its completely non-destructive workflow, meaning nothing is lost through editing.” More »

DirectOuts MADI Analyzer and Signal Generator Debuts ‘ANNA-LISA’

December 3rd, 2014 | Posted in News, newsletter

German interconnectivity and audio transport specialists, DirectOut, are pleased to introduce a brand-new must-have tool for everyone that works with MADI – ANNA-LISA made her debut outside Europe at 137th AES Convention in L.A..

ANNA-LISA is a small, handheld MADI analyser and signal generator equipped with BNC and SFP MADI I/Os that provides straightforward, immediate analysis of any MADI input. Signal condition, input level and jitter can be monitored directly at the device. More detailed information, such as protocol and user bit checks, is accessible through an external application via USB and Bluetooth. The integrated signal generator makes ANNA-LISA a convenient, all-round tool for any MADI environment. The device is powered by an integrated battery and chargeable via USB. More »

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